Tuesday, September 27, 2011

2010, "Let The Right One In" sketches

Whoops! I totally lied about posting new stuff. I actually DO have new stuff, but I totally left out a sketchbook when doing my recent archival blog posts. So here are some drawings of Oskar and Eli (mostly Oskar) from the Swedish horror/romance film "Let The Right One In." I love this

Eli is really hard to draw. Originally I was more inspired to draw her because of her incredibly unique face, but Oskar ended up being my favorite.

There's an American remake of this movie called "Let Me In", which I haven't seen yet. It looks good, but if you haven't seen either one, go for the original first. Or read the book! The book is cool too...

New stuff soon.


lastangelman said...

I haven't heard of this movie before now, but the sketches make me want to check it out ... so evocative ... different.

Matt said...

The Swedish movie is incredible and the American remake is, surprisingly, also very, very good. It follows the original pretty closely yet it still has a tone that's all it's own. I really like both movies a lot; you should definitely try to see the newer movie... Oh, and your sketches are beautiful.

Drunketh said...

These are great!

Damion009 said...

super great!!!!!

Dylan said...

wtf no way!i just heard about that movie last week!!! i did one drawing from it also coincidentally. i'll post it now. its obviously a sign. i've only seen a few scenes from the movie, and everything is spoiled for me.

Sandra Brandstätter said...

Nice drawings. For me it was the same I also found the girl`s face more intersting but ended up with a bunch of Oskar sketches. And I haven`t seen the remake version but the original for me was the best film of the year, also because I was very surprised to see such a subtle vampire film.

Malik said...

Hey Katie,

Sorry for being off topic, but about your deleted drawings...some of them technically still exist! I was messing around with the Wayback Machine as I usually do, and I remembered that I once was able to see a drawing from an old blogspot I liked even though the blog itself was deleted. I thought that was pretty neat, so I tried opening up the broken images from the archived Funny Cute blog pages and to my surprise, they can still be seen! Looky looky:


And the broken images:







Since I know you're busy, I could gather up all of the available broken images and send them to you in an email, if it's alright with you. :)

morgan criger said...

Original movie! No remakes, no sequels!

Great Oskar, by the way

Scott Warren said...

I don't know why I haven't checked out this blog in so long. Such fantastic stuff Katie!

Katie said...

Thanks guys!