Tuesday, July 19, 2011

2010, How to Train Your Dragon sketchbook drawings

Even more fan art. I thought the designs in this movie were really good. Maybe the best CG people to date, in my opinion.

Ok that's it. I'm outta town for the weekend but I'll get back to posting on Monday. See ya!


Fabian said...

One of my favorite movies of all time!! You did great justice to the characters!! So great to see them in your style :) Hugs!!

Nicholas said...

You posted the same page twice-- was it supposed to be two different ones?

Katie said...

Whoops, yeah, I'll fix it when I'm home. I'm outta town now!

Aye Khine said...

Very impressive. Keep it up.

Hellionor DeLaCroix said...

Great sketches, and I love these characters in this style :)

Aminder Dhaliwal said...

ooh these are so good!

Felicia Stevenson said...

Loved this movie!

"Toothless - what are you doing?!

We need her to LIKE us!

Thanks for Nothing, you useless reptile!"
Best line ever!

First time checking out your blog, loving your art work. I have a brand new blog with some illustrations and some of my art work, I think you might like, http://feliciamaystevenson.blogspot.com/

Anyway, again, really nice work.

Mckay Boxberger said...

I love your Astrids, they're so appealing!