Tuesday, July 19, 2011

2010, Conan sketchbook drawings

I love Conan the Barbarian. I've really been in the mood to draw more Conan, and maybe some different barbarians. Anyone want to recommend some barbarian movies that would be good to draw from?

Baby Conans.

Valeria and Conan's mom.

There's a Subotai, some Thulsa Dooms, and my favorite, some Thorgrims, played by Sven-Ole Thorsen on this last page.


Strange Kid said...

Great sketches! :)

Deathstalker and Zardoz are two random picks that fall in the "barbarian" category. Beastmaster always been a personal favorite as well.

Steven M. said...

These are nice. I still remember you saying you didn't draw men enough.

pakoto said...

awesome!!!!my fav film..these are so great Katie:)

Katie said...

Ooooh, thanks Strange Kid! Those are going straight on my Netflix queue!

Sandra Brandstätter said...

great sketches! makes me proud to be an austrian like arni ;)

Cheyenne said...

ah i remember these! so fantastic..i would so watch an animated Conan with these designs fo sho. :D

E Palacios said...

I remember these. My favorites are still Conan screaming and the portrait of his hot mom. They aren't barbarian themed but I'd love to see you tackle all 7 of the Seven Samurai or the cast of the Princess Bride. Not requests just wishes, you're the best Katie.

Chris_Garrison said...

Oh my God, I haven't visited here in way too long, so I didn't know about your massive loss of art until just now. AAAAUUGH!!!! I hate it for you.

But then you just took it as an opportunity to redo your blog and repost everything anew without a bit of complaint! That's amazing. Rock on!

Re: Conan -- I'm a big fan of Robert E. Howard's early Conan stories, so I say read some of those and draw from his descriptions! He always mentions Conan's square cut hair.

While you're working on classic muscle-dudes, you might consider doing an assortment of Tarzans, ie Johnny Weismuller et al.