Sunday, May 17, 2009

Petting Zoo Comic

I finished it early! That means I do studio work all day tomorrow. AND I learned that it takes about 5 times longer for me to color in Photoshop than it does in Flash or with marker. No more Photoshop coloring until I learn how to do it the easy way.

Anyway this comic is a true story!

Em swears she didn't say "I'm not responsible for this!!!" but I totally remember hearing it, and since it's funny to me I kept it in. I'm sure she'll chew me out later.

Some more fun: here is the photo taken of Em, 6 seconds before she got yelled at and fell off of the poo barrel. I wish I'd taken one of the aftermath, but I was pretty flustered.

Don't kill me, highschool friends!!

I'm tired...goodnight!
U__U ~~~~~ z z z z


Sean Wiig said...

Oh, the joys of timezones. Here in Japan, it's just 7PM.

This is hilarious! I love Emli's confused pose as she's being yelled at. And the "I'm not responsible for this" one! I love everything about alla this!

Nico said...

If perfection was a comic strip, THIS would be the one. OMG I'm just reading this over and over and laughing hysterically. You need to do more high school comics Katie, you've told me about so many and they DESERVE TO BE READ AND ENJOYED! hahaha!!!!!! :D

Also, I absolutely love Christine in this. She is so timid and quiet and just wonderful, it's hilarious that her face is still calm at the bottom of page 1, even though she's screaming "POOP BARREL!" hahaha!

Art Fan Ako said...

YOu have fun friends! Looks like you nailed the incidents with your drawings. Lucky friends to have you blog it! LOL

Art Fan Ako said...

Your highschool friends are characters. Bet you have so many memories worth cartooning.

Tim said...

That's a funny comic, Katie. I really like the "intense aura" drawing.
Photoshop is for suckers.

Gabriel said...

funniest shit ever. I had my doubts wether to believe it or not, but the pic totally proves it!

Niki said...

I saw the petting zoo at Disney world last year, I didn't find the poop.

Niko Anesti said...

You draw some of the funniest expressions I've ever seen. Great comic!

lastangelman said...

What a great comic story,like the l'il kid (my mommy broke the fence), and the embarrassed look on the Katie character.
Yep, corn dogs are good.

damon said...

HA HA AH that is great!

love it

Ohjeepers said...

This is great! My favorite moments are probably the "Poop Barrel" glee at the end of page one, and the "I’m not responsible for this" horror on page three!

Everything about the fourth panel on page three is completely amazing. The drama on the part of the janitor, Christine's empathy for him, and the drawing that you did of yourself should be hanging on a wall somewhere it's so good!

While I must admit that I have never actually had a corn dog, the last panel is clearly the perfect way to end an adventure like this.

Regarding coloring in Photoshop, it really does seem to be an unnecessarily slow and painful process. It's a shame that they can’t allow you the comfort and ease of being able to dump colors vector style, but also enjoy the ability of adding brush textures on a separate layer.

We live during a time where cloning humans is a possibility, I just can’t believe that combining the strengths of two software programs is so far out of our reach.

Jeff Z said...

Katie, you must learn the magic of the BPelt Photoshop Plugins! They make Pshop coloring super-duper-fast!

Here is where you get them:

Email me at and I will email you back my little tutorial on how to use them, it's clearer than what's on BPelt's site.

Molly said...

The "intense aura" totally cracked me up. Well done!

Katie said...

Thanks everyone!

Sean- Ha ha ha, Em has really hilarious reactions and expressions, so she's kind of hard, but really fun to draw. I'm glad you liked the comic!

Nico- Aww, ha ha ha, you're too nice Nico. #U__U# I will definitely do more someday. This was kind of an experiment to see what the best way to ink/color a comic is, but this was not the way. SO!! I new one will come about eventually!

Ako- Thank you!! Yes, I have lots of weird incidents I want to draw. I have a big list of dumb stuff that happened that needs drawing. :)

Tim- Ha ha!! Yeah, PS is hard to use if you don't know all the tricks! I like the brushes though...I'd rather do everything by hand with real stuff, but that's even harder!

Gabriel- I never lie!!!! I only slightly exaggerate...SLIGHTLY!!! :D

Niki- They keep it well hidden! I wonder what they do with it later...maybe dump it into the Splash Mountain water supply to give it that distinct smell?

Niko- Thank you!! It's lucky for me that I hang out with people who act funny and have good expressions to draw!

Lastangelman-'s lunch time...I want a fat Disneyland corndog. For the record, I was too stunned to know what to do- Christine was the only one who actually tried to help the poor guy.

Damon- Thank you! :D

OhJeepers- Wow, thanks for the kind words! It's so true about seems that with every art program, there is some hitch that makes at least one necessary thing completely impossible. When I finally get the time off to do comics all the time (which I sure hope I do), I want to do them all by hand. The idea of coloring backgrounds with real art supplies horrifies me, though.

Jeff- Whoa thanks!!! I will ask you about those later on! Thanks!

Molly- Thank you!! :D

David Germain said...

Having accidents on the farm is the best education you can ever receive. I'm glad Em learned her lesson the hard way. Very cool comic.

Chris Battle said...


I love stories with a lesson at the end :)

Justin said...

I love the super stiff "dashing" arms. That's how I'd dash.

Sean Worsham said...

HAHHAHAHAHAHAHA. You are all so cute in this comic XD hahahhahahah!

Isaac said...

Really good stuff, I love it!

Uncle Phil said...

Oh no! Page two and three wont open for me. Blogger needs to spend some time in the poop barrel!

Uncle Phil said...

There we go... they just loaded. Awesome job Katie! "I'm not responsible for this".. hilarious

Katie said...

David- I don't think Em learned her lesson from this incident!

Chris- Yes, I always try to educate, as well as entertain. :)

Justin- I'd like to think that's how I look running away from people, but I think I'm more spazzy. U__U

Sean- Ha ha ha, thanks, I'm glad someone sees this as cute, it's hard to believe that the people in this story aren't that far away from being 30.

Issac and Phil- Thanks guys!! :D

Trevor Thompson said...

Weird thing is, I just bit into a fortune cookie that said: "Every time a child eats a corn dog, an angel has to clean up a barrel of poo."

Confusing say.

I love these high school chum comics. Thanks fer sharing Katie!

- trevor.

Ricky said...

Excellent! That's the Disneyland petting Zoo, isn't it!

kids on holiday said...

OMG... the intense aura!!!
This comic is awesome and so cute. Like all your work! Thanks for the good laughs :3

Freckled Derelict said...

Love Love Love!! More Disneyland adventures please!! You should do a book of high school comics and an epilogue section with post high school delights.

Katie said...

Trevor- Thanks man!! You know, I always get really suspicious sounding fortunes from cookies...recently I got "someone is your circle is not to be trusted." Nice!

Ricky- Yup, that it is!

kids- Thanks!! by the way, I LOVE all the handmade stuff you've got on your blog! So cool!!!

Freckled D- Thank you!! Making a book's worth of highschool comics would be a dream job for me. Maybe someday I'll get to!

Sean Worsham said...

I'd buy 10 of those comics if you made a whole book worth of high school memories Katie! :D.

Shawn Dickinson said...

Hahaha! Did the guy really start sobbing?

I love that this comic has a "moral". And I love that the moral is about corn dogs!

Marc Deckter said...

hahaaha too funny! You are the official queen of goat poo comics.

pappy d said...

Your young friend wasn't responsible. I'd say she's totally irresponsible! Did no one else identify with the janitor? Am I the only one?

Very nice work, though.

Now, you kids stay the hell off my lawn!

Miss Withers's Art and Junk said...

Em's hair looks like delicious bacon in this comic!

Mooshe said...

I love when you do comics! They're really good at replicating what it's like to experience life while giggling.

Tara Billinger said...

Bwaaaha. I love your high school chums designs. Like other people have said, definitely make more, even stories from the present! They would be great.

That pooper scooper man was so upset about his barrel. Poor guy.

Katie said...

Sean- Thanks!! One day, man!

Shawn- Ha ha ha!! Nah, I exaggerated...he didn't actually sob, but he looked like he might've been on the verge.

Marc- Maybe if I ever go independent I'll name my company "Goat Poo Comics"!

Pappy- You're not the only one...I felt really bad for the guy. Christine offered to help clean the mess but he just wanted us out of there. This kind of thing happens a lot when I'm with highschool buddies (one in particular), but normally I'm well behaved!

Withers- Kristen said the same thing! :)

Mooshe- Thank you! :D

Tara- Thanks!! I'm hoping to do more someday soon. I'm still figuring out a method I like for getting them done! And yeah, I still feel guilty about what happened to the poo barrel, and the guy who had to clean up the broken fence. Life sucks sometimes, but you can turn it into a dumb comic to make yourself feel better! UuU

Pedro Vargas said...

Loved it!! Your drawings never cease to amaze me! I love how you're able to tell a story in the most appealing way. And they're all really fun! I like how cute you drew your friends. The comic was so lively! I couldn't stop staring at it! Beautiful job as always!

the plummer said...

this so awesome...i don't even know where to begin!!

boy does it sure bring back memories of fond shenanigans with my own friends tho...

Colter said...

Hahahaha. Poop barrels are always grounds for destruction, it's like building a castle on sand.

This would have happened whether she would have stood on it or not. Your friend just aided in the inevitable.

Poop barrels ftw.

El Funzo said...

Most of my petting zoo experiences either resulted in me getting in a fight with a cow or getting electrocuted by an electric fence. God knows what would've happened if poop barrels were ever involved. 8I

Anyway, great comic! Amazing you're always able to pull off the same high-quality art as your Skadi comic, even when it comes down to illustrating repressed memories involving animal waste! 8D